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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust


Our three core values of Children, Choice and Collaboration underpin our culture of learning. They drive, guide and exemplify the why, how and what of everything we do: 



Support every one of our schools to achieve the highest possible academic standards for every one of our children, regardless of personal circumstances or starting points.


We are committed to delivering a coherent and stimulating curriculum of learning opportunities and qualification pathways for all learners from the early years setting to the age of 19. We will ensure that every pupil has access to excellent teaching and learning. We will nurture the skills, mindset and qualifications needed by every young person to shape their own future in a complex world. In this way, we will work together to deliver the highest standards in education so that all our pupils will excel regardless of their starting points or personal circumstances.



Work as a family of distinctive schools to deliver our learning goals in a sustainable and consistent way, year after year, regardless of personnel or contextual changes.


We will empower our schools to make positive decisions about our pupils’ futures according to local needs, collaborative expertise and global opportunities. We are determined to grow as a confident family of schools who make informed choices with our pupils, schools and communities. In this way, we will be sure that we can respond to issues of critical importance for us all both within and beyond our immediate place and context.



Through our 'deep and tight' collaboration, equip every pupil with the values, attitudes to learning and personal and social attributes to enable them to live as confident and engaged citizens in the world beyond school.


The strength of our Trust will deepen our partnerships and extend the professional relationships between our schools and local communities. We are committed to collaboration at all levels, from pupils, to staff, to communities and to leaders. We will do this by designing sustainable systems to deliver innovative programmes and projects which build Professional Capital through our unique CLT Learning Hub model. We will forge sustainable and authentic relationships with our external partners both nationally and internationally. We are committed to an on-going process of learning about, with and from our partners; MATs, schools, businesses and organisations alike. We will share expertise, lead innovation and increase our strength as leaders of a truly self-improving school-led system.