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Starting during the 2016/17 school year, STEAM Cafés are being offered to all Clevedon Learning Trust schools.  STEAM is an approach to learning that integrates the Arts with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This is a dual programme in that it offers cutting edge CSPD for all staff involved in the planning and facilitation of the cafe alongside providing pupils with the opportunity to learn about, from and with professionals and researchers from the world of science, technology, mathematics, engineering, arts and mathematics. 

Each café is a discrete event and is delivered by a STEAM professional and enthusiast such as a working scientist, researcher, artist or engineer.  During each café, all participants (staff and pupils alike) learn about a specific area of a STEAM subject from the Café 'host' and are invited to engage in an interactive STEAM experience linked to this. For example, they can carry out an experiment, try some new and unfamiliar technology, create a piece of art using innovative techniques, and discuss topical subject, problems and challenges connected to the STEAM Café area of expertise.

Kitchen Science

Fun science activities for all of the family.

Augmented Reality

The technology behind Pokemon Go.

How to be a Psychologist

Pupils carried out live psychology experiments.

What is a Galaxy Made From?

Year 3 and 4 pupils used dough to learn about the relative size of the sun and planets,


Hand Embroidery

A teacher from the Royal Society of Embroidery taught pupils new textile techniques.


Introduced pupils to engaging programming games.