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Visit to Hinkley Point C @Chilton Trinity

Hinkley Point C visit @Chilton Trinity

Students from Year 9 were given the opportunity to visit Hinkley Point’s Cannington Visitors’ Centre and to tour the HPC site on 12th and 19th May. Students first visited the Visitors’ Centre where they tried out a series of interactive displays and cinema experience to raise awareness of the scientific technology and engineering involved in the nuclear power industry and the history of the three plants at Hinkley Point. They were then driven on a coach tour of HPC, which is currently Europe’s biggest construction site, including the world’s biggest crane – Big Carl and the development of two nuclear reactors. Students left the site with a far greater understanding of the huge project on their doorstep, the potential impact of the nuclear power station in meeting the national demand for energy and the 1000’s of job roles which are currently available, during the construction phase, and which will be available during the future operational phase of HPC.

Mark Davies, Head of Careers and Destinations