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The Day the Dragon Visited! @ Puriton

What an exciting day we've had on Wednesday! One of our pupils discovered some slimy, green goo in the willow area (obviously from a rather large snout!) and alerted the rest of the school during our assembly on TEAMS. Throughout the morning, more and more strange things were discovered by the children and shared via our webcams. These included: Bones, Scales, claws and scratch marks, Scorch marks on the Year 3 bench, Large animal droppings, Feathers, A nest full of eggs and treasure.

The children were brilliant at trying to work out who or what, had visited our school grounds. We knew it had to be a carnivore of some kind! Mrs Cox searched the CCTV and found some amazing images. We are now going to create a whole school display to showcase the children's fabulous work and show the adventurous vocabulary they have used. Well done everyone. What a great day!

 Jo Madge, Puriton Primary School, Bridgwater