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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Temporary Closure of Puriton Primary School

John Wells, CEO of the Clevedon Learning Trust informed the local community today that the decision had been taken to close Puriton Primary School for three days from Monday 23rd November – Wednesday 25th November 2020.

The decision was taken in consultation between the Trust, the Headteacher of Puriton, Mrs Keir-Bucknall, the Chair of Governors, Mr Tait along with Public Health England and Somerset Local Authority.

John Wells, CEO said “The priority in taking this decision is to support the well-being and safety of pupils, staff and the wider community.”

“Over the last week there has been an increasing number of cases in the school and people having to self-isolate. Our priority at all times is the safety of pupils and staff. We are taking this step in the hope that it will prevent further cases. I realise that this may cause some inconvenience for parents and carers, however, I am sure they will all support the decision we have made.”

“We have arranged with our Cleaning company for them to go into the school and sanitise, clean and fog the whole school. This will ensure that all areas are clean and ready for staff and pupils to return.”

“We hope that after three days we will have increased staffing levels due to the ending of isolation periods. We will keep in communication with parents and carers throughout this period.”