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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

School Closures

During the current national lockdown, all Clevedon Learning Trust schools are closed to pupils except those of Key Worker parents or those deemed as vulnerable.

All children not in school are accessing remote learning. Each school has communicated the nature of the learning programmes and expectations. 

All of our schools are keeping in regular contact with families to check on the well-being of children and to ensure the remote learning is being accessed and there are no problems with this. You can always contact the school should you have any questions or concerns.

Both the individual schools and the Trust will keep in regular communication with you during this period. We will be responding to any further announcements or guidance and ensuring our educational offer allows children to continue making progress in their learning and development.

We realise that this is an extremely difficult time for everyone. We ask that once again, you show the support and understanding that you did during the first lockdown to help everyone get through the latest restrictions with a positive outcome. All staff in every school will certainly be doing everything they can to support children and families in their community during this period. 

CLT Parent/Carer Letter - February 2021