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Royal Engineers and Royal Signals Visit @ Clevedon

Royal Engineers Clevedon

70 students from GCSE Design and Technology, Electronics and Computer Science welcomed members of the Royal Engineers and Royal Signals Regiments for a morning of career related learning involving problem solving, team building and transferable skill development.

The Computer Scientists undertook the “Cyber Challenge in a Box”, where they had to use a variety of both physical and electronic clues and resources in a cypher orientated “escape room”, to decipher a coded message and save the day! The Electronic students also worked with the Royal Signals in the Electronics Digital Dagger where, as part of a progressive STEM focused challenge,  they were required to break a hexadecimal code, solve a puzzle satellite diagram, and complete an Infrastructure Engineer planning task. Throughout the challenge there were video clips updating the mission, letting the students know their progress

The GCSE Design and Technology students were supported by the Royal Engineers in a series of physical construction challenges, included designing and producing a bridge and a weight bearing hoist.

The main purpose of the day was to raise awareness of how skills and knowledge learnt in the classroom can be transferred to the world of work and used effectively to solve challenges and achieve successful outcomes. The students thoroughly enjoyed their experience and the members of the British Army were very impressed by their ingenuity, team work and positive attitudes.

Mark Davies, Head of Careers and Destinations