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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Raising the Aspirations of Girls

Clevedon Learning Trust primary school launches room to inspire incredible women of the future with aspiration and ambition

Yeo Moor Primary School have redecorated one of their ICT Rooms to help inspire their female students, with pictures of famous women lining the walls.

Photos include those of Helen Sharman, Jill Tarter, Christine Largarde, Barbara McClintock, Malala Yousafzai, Katherine Johnson, Amal Clooney, Marie Curie, Susan Wojcicki and Amelia Earhart, which highlight the significant impact of women in leadership around the world.

Mums from Friends of Yeo Moor helped to redecorate the classroom, even paying for the redecoration themselves.

Headteacher Roland Lovatt said: “This is about inspiring girls to make them believe that they can work in science, engineering, teaching and many other fields. 

“It shows that women can have a significant impact around the world and is promoting role models that have worked exceptionally to achieve through perseverance, determination, creativity and self belief. 

“We are celebrating gender equality, and aspiration alongside ambition is championed here at Yeo Moor.”