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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Pride Month Celebration

Clevedon Learning Trust students and staff at Chilton Trinity School in Bridgwater organised activities to celebrate Pride Month.  Thank you to Alice Wilkin for providing the report and photos below.

June is Pride month; a month dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ communities all around the world. As such we here at Chilton, thought it crucial to celebrate our own diverse community with a gathering of members and allies, during our lunchtimes last week.

Myself, Miss Lloyd, Mr Reid, Miss Appleby and Miss Del Pizzo, were all thrilled to facilitate the celebration of our LGBTQ+ community, which offered activities like; colouring flags, designing badges to be worn proudly, creating a collaborative Chilton Trinity flag, made with staff and student card hand prints and a quiz, for which house points were awarded.

The art room was filled with delighted young people, all cheerfully colouring, all the while discussing the language surrounding gender and sexuality. One teacher noted a conversation where a student advised using the language an individual uses about themselves, because people have different preferences and language is always evolving.

The feedback from the event has been overwhelming with many commenting on the welcoming atmosphere, smiling faces and positive chatter during the activities. One student shared that she enjoyed being in a room with people ‘like her’.

A huge resounding ‘thank you’ to all students and staff who attended or popped in to support our school community in promoting acceptance and diversity. The event was a huge success and we look forward to celebrating the diversity of our community with future events and activities.’