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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Innovative Way to Boost Learning in Maths

A Clevedon Learning Trust school has turned the craze of fidget spinners into a positive way of boosting maths learning.

Creative pupils of Mary Elton Primary School used the fidget spinners as part of a maths investigation and data and statistics analysis.

They recorded data on the longest spins and the shortest spins with the use of stop watches, and then charted the data on graphs and looked for trends.

The project helped pupils to learn more about numbers, timing, graphs, data analysis and statistics, and even team work and computer systems.

Teacher Cheryl Brown said: "Most children now seem to have these fidget spinners so we thought we would turn it into a positive learning experience. It went down extremely well.

"All the children were engaged and loved that they were allowed to utilise this new fad to move their learning forward."

It is just weeks since the school became part of the innovative and growing multi academy trust, the Clevedon Learning Trust.

The 35-year-old Mary Elton Primary School has around 400 pupils aged 4 to 11 with extensive grounds for sport and environmental activities, including an outdoor classroom and log cabin.