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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

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Maths Event

Some 40 students from Chilton Trinity and Clevedon School spent hours together doing innovative, fun and mentally stretching maths activities designed to help them all get better grades.

The Maths Day was held at Chilton Trinity, and previously a similar event was held at Clevedon School.

Clevedon School is part of the excellent Clevedon Learning Trust and Chilton Trinity is set to become a official part of it later this year. The expanding Trust aims for schools to work collaboratively, sharing ideas and resources to help make all the schools excellent in every way.

Chilton Trinity Head Teacher Lesley Greenway said: “It was wonderful to host Clevedon School’s students and staff, and it demonstrated the innovative ways our schools can work together.”

Clevedon School Head Teacher Jim Smith said: “The Maths Day once again was tremendously successful and we are delighted at the outcomes. Students made great relationships between the schools and were stretched in the subject in numerous ways.”