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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Full Opening of CLT Schools in September

Clevedon Learning Trust schools are looking forward to opening their doors and welcoming everyone back, following the Government announcement that all children and young people will return to school in September. 

Each school has already been thinking about the plans that will be needed to successfully open to all children. As a family of schools we have been working together to ensure we are following the guidance appropriately. As a result, it has become clear that all schools will not be able to operate in exactly the same way. The factors that will determine some of the strategies will include school location, school buildings and how accessible and easy it is to move around them, pupil numbers and classroom space and staffing capacity. The key factors that have been reviewed are:

  • Arrival and departure arrangements
  • Classroom layouts
  • Timetables during the day
  • Breakfast and After School Club arrangements
  • Lunchtime procedures - hot meals, packed lunches
  • Cleaning procedures both during the day and at the end of sessions
  • Toilet facilities
  • Movement around school

Schools will be writing to parents and carers to outline the plans for September so that they can prepare for the specific system the school will be operating. 

It will not be ‘back to normal’ as we used to know it. This is another phase in the process of dealing with the virus and trying to keep people safe. There will still be protective measure in place through groups of pupils in ‘bubbles’ separated from other pupils and, of course, hand washing and hygiene will remain a priority. Some activities which involve group work or equipment will be limited and the timetable of each day may be altered to accommodate having all children back in school.

All children will be able to access school and there will be a real focus on looking after their mental and physical well-being and a strong focus on learning, trying to ensure we support them following the very different experience over the past few months.

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