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Former Student Flies to Space @ Clevedon


Click here to read the original story published by the North Somerset Times.

On Sunday 11 July, a former Clevedon School student headed to space alongside Richard Branson as part of Virgin Galactic’s first fully-crewed space flight.

Colin Bennett, who left Clevedon School in 2003, is Virgin Galactic's lead engineer and was responsible for the in-flight cabin procedures on the VSS Unity Spaceplane.

Mr Bennett's former physics teacher still teaches at the Clevedon School and remembers Colin well from his time in his class.

Andy Davis said: “I remember him as a calm, modest and hard-working student, with a great work ethic.

“He was one of those students that had drive and resolve and excellent leadership skills. It has been amazing to hear about his journey from Clevedon to outer space.”

The school's headteacher, Jim Smith, has commended Colin's achievements and labelled him 'an inspiration to all our students'.

Jim said: “Colin is an inspiration to all our students and it shows that with hard work, dedication and the right attitude, anything is possible.”