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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Former Pupil Becomes Teacher

Confident Katie Carter, aged 7, told her teacher that one day she would take her job when she retired.

Now 16 years later she has done just that at Tickenham Church of England Primary School, taking the place of Jacquie Townsend who has left the same school after 20 years service.

Miss Carter has now achieved her childhood ambition by becoming a teacher - the same school where she was a pupil.

Katie said: “I remember telling my teacher that one day I would have her job. It is amazing that I am now here. It is a tremendous little school. I could not be happier as a pupil and now as a teacher.”

Jacquie said: “When I came to Tickenham Primary School, Katie was in my first class. She was always really enthusiastic about wanting to teach and I remember her choosing to play schools in her free time. 

“Her mum told me about a time that she once found her surrounded by all her houseplants teaching her toys the science lesson that I had led earlier that day. Tickenham has been a lovely school to teach at and I am sure that Katie will flourish in her teaching there.”

Head of School Tristan Merriam said: "This is one of the best primary schools around with a thriving and happy community. We thank Jacquie for her wonderful time here as a teacher and for inspiring the next generation of teachers such as Katie.”