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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Crisp Packet Survival Blankets @ Westover Green

Our pupil voice team have lots of plans and they are very keen to make a difference. Their knowledge of the current climate is amazing.

Things that they are wanting to change are: 

  • planting more trees
  • ensuring we live and work in a litter free environment
  • use more recyclable materials
  • participate in a water clean to help our oceans
  • more walking to school to reduce our carbon footprint
  • to create a compost heap. 

The first task they are going to undertake is collecting crisp packets. These crisp packets will then be washed by the Eco Team and sent off to a company called 'Iron Man Survival Blankets' where they will be recycled and made into waterproof survival blankets for the homeless. 

Stevi Willis, Westover Green Community School & Autism Centre