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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon School Students Host European Visitors



Clevedon School students hosted 24 students from Epernay, Ettlingen and Middelkerke who have been partners in a two year world project.


The ERASMUS project offered a unique opportunity for the students to explore areas of Clevedon and the South West and to compare their lives with the ones of students in similar towns abroad. Clevedon School enthusiastically embraced the 2-year project and have just hosted the students.


Some 24 Clevedon students had created a magazine to explore Clevedon, Bristol and Bath.  Some of the things included in the programme was a lesson on Journalism and Photography, an interview with ex-Clevedon School students Sam and Simon on their first year of contract with Bath rugby and a visit to the Pier organised by the Civic Society.


Headteacher Jim Smith said: “This has been a wonderful international project and we are delighted our enterprising students played such a key role. It was brought great partnerships and opened the eyes of students in Clevedon and abroad.”


The Clevedon Twinning Association supported the project from the start and donated funds to pay for the initial costs.


The project was named MECE – Make Europe Count Everywhere- using the names of the 4 towns.