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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Changing the University Admissions System

The Board meeting on 6 October anticipated last week’s Government’s announcement that universities in England are to switch to offering degree places to students on the basis of actual grades rather than predicted ones

Board members endorsed a paper from Director Roger Grinyer citing various studies showing that the system of using predicted grades was deeply flawed and not in the best interests of students. The paper argued for adopting a Post Qualification Admissions (PQA) system when university entrance would be decided on the grades students actually achieve.

Having come to a view based on the paper the Board agreed to be prepared to add its voice to those calling for a change in policy. The views of Clevedon School headteacher Jim Smith were sought and he agreed the current system was flawed. 

Alister Christopher, Chair,  said: ‘We welcome the Government’s decision to move towards a fairer system. While we can’t claim any credit for influencing Government thinking, our discussion at the Board demonstrates that we are in tune with the need for a policy change in this important area.

 ‘Our vision in the Trust is to provide a high quality educational journey for students from pre-school through primary to secondary education and beyond. We want to ensure that life changing decisions made during final school years are based on reliable and accurate information applied in a fair and consistent manner.’

A national consultation will be carried out and it is expected the change to a PQA will take place before the next general election.