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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

CLT TeachMeet Success

On Wednesday 8 January 100 staff from our primary schools gathered in Yeo Moor's hall for the Trust's third TeachMeet.  20 speakers, from NQT's to established speakers, presented their good practice, practical innovations and personal insights around the theme of 'Foundation Subjects'.

As you'll see from the photos and quotes, the TeachMeet was a huge success and clearly exemplifies the powerful collaboration between our family of schools.

"The mix of ideas worked really well as it felt like there was something useful for everyone to take away. It was also great because it sparked other conversations and ideas amongst our staff about how we might adapt a particular idea to suit our school. I am a huge fan of looking outwards and learning from others to gain new ideas so it motivated me at the start of a new term."

Teacher, Mary Elton Primary School

"I think the event allows people to share good ideas, build relationships and know who to contact (or which schools) for ideas on particular subject areas."

Teacher, Northgate Primary School

"It was a very smooth, well organised event. I find it terribly nerve-wracking speaking in front of so many adults but did (almost) enjoy being up front. It was great hearing some feedback from teachers in other school and I have already made some links to other Outdoor Leads. It is great that we get to see so many different speakers explaining such a broad range of ideas - some things I won't try, some things I already do and some that I would like to try. I'm sure that everyone there picked up something!"

Teacher, Yeo Moor Primary School

"Lots of practical, road-tested ideas from teachers, not Senior Leaders – those who work with children every day. Staff are already looking into some of the suggestions and now as a Trust we can start to see some common themes when we visit each other’s schools. A great collaboration."

Head Teacher, Willowdown Primary Academy