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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Innovation Groups

Innovation Groups are a central element of every Trust school's CsPD programme. These groups offer every member of staff the chance to collaborate on a selected theme with colleagues from across the school, often from different teams and who may have different roles.  

Innovation Groups meet regularly during the year, using dedicated time set aside for them to develop their work together. As a result, the Innovation Groups are able to make the most of the opportunity to collaborate, discuss and develop their research and practice. 

As part of their Innovation Group, staff integrate their selected innovation project into their daily practice. In between the termly group meetings, they will be involved in a range of collaborative activities that drive their project forward. These may include joint learning walks, coaching conversations, lesson observations, informal discussions and leading student focus groups. These take place in their own schools and subject or phase areas and often extend to include visits to other Trust schools ahead of sharing their findings when they feedback to their termly Innovation Group meetings.

The culmination of the Innovation Group work is shared across the school through the creation of academic posters. The posters are created by the group members to document and identify the impact of their action research during the year. The sharing of these posters as a whole staff prompt further discussions and future developments. Findings from Innovation projects are regularly integrated into whole-school approaches, so that all pupils and schools benefit from the on-going evidence-informed development.