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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Pupil Creative and Cultural Programme

We want our pupils to have opportunities to learn about and develop the key skills and attributes that will allow them to thrive and succeed at whatever they set their minds to. We want our pupils to be leaders, team workers, confident communicators and creative thinkers. We want our pupils to be aware of the diverse range of career and further educational pathways available to them. We want our pupils to have high aspirations. Above all else, we want our pupils to have high levels of self-esteem and confidence.

To achieve this we have created a set of experiences that all pupils will access during their time at our schools. Some of these experiences will be delivered during lessons, as part of a school club or as a school event. Other experiences will be facilitated by Creative and Cultural Programme activities.

The activities provide opportunities for pupils to showcase their work to peers from other schools. Pupils benefit from formative feedback and also benefit from seeing how others approach and solve challenges.

All of the activities provide new contexts for pupils to develop their communication and language skills, particularly oracy. Pupils will be encouraged to articulate and share their ideas, to persuade others and to respond to challenging questions. There will also be opportunities to present to real audiences.

The majority of activities take place during the school day. Evidence shows that disadvantaged pupils are unlikely to participate in after school clubs and activities. Our approach means those pupils that stand to benefit most from the activities will be able take part.

A centrally coordinated programme affords a number of benefits to schools – expertise, resources and great ideas can be shared effectively; and bookings for multiple schools provide economies of scale. It also allows us to more easily bring pupils from different schools together so that they can learn from each other.



2016&2017 Creative and Cultural Programme Report


We The Curious Science Roadshow

Science presenter Rose O'Reilly visited Year 5s and 6s in a number of our schools to deliver an eye dissection.


Bristol Dinosaur Project

Paleontologists from the University of Bristol have been visiting our schools to teach Reception and KS1 pupils about Bristol's own dinosaur.

Paper Cut Animation

CsPD opportunity so that CLT staff can use paper cut animation to enhance their lessons.

Print Making Workshop

Sixth Form Art Ambassadors share the art and craft of print making.

Global Goals Conference

A one day event to introduce pupils to the Global Sustainability Goals.

Day of Code 

Making coding fun and accessible.


3D Printing

Year 5s learn to use this exciting new technology.

Code Clubs

Primary aged children learn to code with Python.

Paper Nations

Published authors and poets inspire the next generation of creative writing.


Puzzle Team Challenge

Super hero themed maths event for Year 2s.

eBook in a Day

Using iPad to create and publish a school pupil perspective prospectus.


Helping CLT pupils to become safer and more confident cyclists.