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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Core Programmes

Core 1 - Research Videos and Readings

The educational thinkers who make up our Core Professional Curriculum has written widely on education. Our Learning Hubs in schools are able to provide access to the work of these and many other leading educational thinkers, researchers and practitioners.

In addition to these core thinkers, Lead Associates in Trust schools can access research articles and readings on request. We regularly add to the list of authors and researchers and will always try to find small video presentations and talks from them to accompany the written material, which is particularly helpful for project teams and Innovation Group work. 

Core 2 - Digital Competencies

So that we continue to provide our learners with the highest levels of digital literacy, we have put together a programme of Digital Learning Key Competencies.  With the support of the Digital Director Team at Clevedon School, we have identified a range of ways for practitioners to build their very own digital learning professional curriculum relevant to their phase, subject and specialism.

We are continually seeking out ways to increase opportunities for our pupils to use digital technology in a way that enhances and develops their ownership and leadership of learning both in and beyond their lessons. Our work is constantly developing across our family of schools as we see more of our pupils involved in coding clubs, media teams and the increasing membership of the Digital Leader Team.

Core 3 - Literacy Across the Curriculum

Students’ literacy skills are called upon in every aspect of school life, whether in their reading skills, their listening and comprehension or their ability to articulate and express their ideas and thinking by talk, discussion or written responses.

We are committed to supporting every pupil to be able to use rich language with confidence and show, how well they can use language effective and with impact in their written and spoken work, and in all aspects of school life and every area of the curriculum.

This strand of our CsPD Programme ensures that every member of staff can access resources, practical ideas and strategies to support the development of literacy in all aspects of school life, both inside and outside the classroom.

Core 4 -  Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Global Goals are completed, it will mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.

In July 2016, three of our Trust schools took part in our ‘CLT Global Goals Student Conference’ . Here, students and teachers began working on their own Student Global Goals Projects. They are all committed to creating curriculum resources, generating ingenious ideas to meet the goals and developing practical strategies that raise awareness of the Global Goals in our schools and with our communities. This work has continued to grow and is now being developed in our Trust schools in a variety of ways, ranging from pupil-led environmental projects, awareness-raising of issues relating to equality, quality education and poverty and teachers embedding the Global Goals deep within their curriculum design. 

As the project progresses, everybody involved continues to share resources, practical ideas and examples of how the Global Goals are used in lessons across the curriculum and in CLT schools.

The Global Goals are only going to work if we fight for them and we know that we can’t fight for our rights if we don’t know what they are. By working across our schools and integrating the goals into the full curriculum, we’ll make sure that every one of our pupils knows about the goals and has the confidence and understanding of how to take positive action to address them.