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Chestnut Park Primary School

Artist's impression of Chestnut Park Primary School

Latest Developments

October 2020 - Click here to view the Chestnut Park Primary School Prospectus.

September 2020 - admisions and tour bookings are now open.

August 2020 - View the building site webcam here.


Chestnut Park is due to open September 2021.  Admissions for Reception are now open and can be made through the North Somerset Council School Admissions website using the official school admissions process.

Click here for Chestnut Park Primary School's Admissions Arrangements 2021-21

Guided Tours for Prospective Parents and Carers

We warmly invite prospective parents and carers to take a guided tour of Chestnut Park Primary School.  This is an opportunity to see the learning environments as they near completion, as well as meet Clevedon Learning Trust staff who will be responsible for running the school once it opens.

Tours are running between 5pm and 7pm on Tuesday 24 November and Thursday 26 November.  Each tour will last for 15 minutues.

Numbers are limited because of the Covid safety measures we are taking.  Because of this the tours are only for parents and carers that are interested in applying for a Reception place for their child.

Because of the pandemic, we have implemented a range of measures to protect the health of all visitors. These include limited numbers on each tour (two visitors and two members of staff), social distancing, staggered start times, face coverings and sanitiser at entrance and exit points.  All visitors must follow the guidelines below:

  • Only one or two adults can attend.  No children or additional adults can attend the tour.
  • All visitors must arrive in time for their allocated slot.
  • All visitors must bring a face covering and wear “sensible footwear” (no sandals).

Please book as soon as possible, and no later than the day before your preferred date.  We will contact you shortly afterwards to confirm arrangements, including the time of your tour.

Click here to book your tour


Click here to view the Chestnut Park Primary School Prospectus.

Photo Gallery

Below are latest images from the construction site.  Huge progress has been made and the school is on track to be completed early 2021.

General Information

Chestnut Park is a new primary school being built at North End in Yatton.  North Somerset Council is project managing the design and build of the new school. We will take ownership when this is completed.

The school is due to open September 2021 and will grow to 210 pupils, with scope to increase its capacity to meet future demand from local housing development. The school also has the facility for Nursery provision. 

"Chestnut Park will be a creative and innovative place of learning where children will be encouraged to be as successful as they can be in all that they do. We want the pupils to develop lively and enquiring minds and to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to a fast changing world. We are eager to work in partnership with families and the local community to support the children, enabling them to develop and flourish, fulfilling their potential at school and in life as good citizens.”  

“The strength of our Trust is our ability to work as a family of schools who are connected by shared values and our relentless focus on delivering an excellent education to every child in every school. Being a part of our wider Trust family provides individual support and guidance for our schools." 

John Wells, CEO

In September 2017 the CLT successfully opened the new Northgate Primary School and Nursery in Bridgwater.  This experience means that we are uniquely placed to provide the best possible start and continued success of Chestnut Park.

Nursery and Pre-School

Chestnut Park Primary School will have the facility for Nursery and Pre-School provision.  This will open at some point after the main school opens in September 2021.  Please continue to check this page for the latest information.  


At this time it is anticipated that we will start the recruitment process for staff at Chestnut Park Primary School after February 2021.   Nursery vacancies will only be filled after the school has opened. 

We will update this information and provide further details in due course.


Please email any questions about Chestnut Park Primary School to office@clevedonlearningtrust.org.uk

Section 10 Report

Section 10 Report