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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Continuous Self Professional Development

We are an organisation committed to providing excellent educational experiences to our children and our staff.

Our professional development model embodies our values of Children, Choice and Collaboration.  Called Continuous Self Professional Development, or CsPD for short, it combines school-based provision with opportunities facilitated by the Central Team.

Each school has a Learning Hub that provides a CsPD menu designed to support pupil, staff and school priorities.  Staff choose from the menu to access the opportunities that best serve their individual professional development needs and maximise impact on the children.

Innovation Groups are a central component of school-based CsPD.  These provide a structured way for staff to carry out an action research project into an aspect of their practice that they would like to develop.  The findings and insights from these projects are shared with colleagues in school and across the Trust.   

In addition to school-based provision, our staff can access collaborative CsPD opportunities that are facilitated by the Central Team.  More information about these can be found on the Networks and Teaching School pages.