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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

About Us

We are a thriving family of primary and secondary schools situated in the counties of North Somerset and Somerset. We share a passion for purposeful, creative and exciting learning. We aim to ensure that every child recognises their individual talents so they can live confidently as happy, responsible citizens in a globally connected community.

We learn best when we are deeply connected with the experiences and perspectives of the people within, across and beyond our immediate boundaries. Being a part of  our wider Trust family provides individual support and guidance for our schools.

The strength of our Trust is our ability to work as a family of schools who are connected by shared values and our relentless focus on delivering an excellent education to every child in every school.

We are committed to delivering excellent, inclusive and equitable learning experiences for all children in the local communities we serve. We want pupils to be excited, happy and confident in their learning as a result of the inspirational learning experiences they encounter, so they can flourish in a life of learning and the world of work.