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Clevedon Learning Trust

Children, Choice and Collaboration
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Clevedon Learning Trust

Welcome to the Clevedon Learning Trust, John Wells, CEO

The Clevedon Learning Trust (CLT) is committed to delivering excellent, inclusive and equitable learning experiences for all children in the local communities we serve. We want pupils to be excited, happy and confident in their learning as a result of the inspirational learning experiences they encounter, so they can flourish in a life of learning and the world of work. We want all staff in our schools to have exciting professional development opportunities to grow their skills and talents so they make a positive contribution to the lives of all our young people.

The Clevedon Learning Trust was established in January 2015. Since then, we have experienced the impact of deep school-led collaboration that comes about as a result of working together as a mixed cross-phase MAT, driven by our shared values of ‘Children, Choice and Collaboration’ that are strongly rooted in our local community. We currently work with the local communities of our schools located in our Local Trust Clusters in Bridgwater and Clevedon. 

Within and between these clusters, our work is focused on connecting and enhancing the unique characteristics, heritage and identity of the individual schools the CLT serves and our unique Learning Hub Model enables us to do just that. We know that we learn best when we are connected with the experiences and perspectives of people from within, across and beyond our immediate boundaries and we know that membership of our wider family provides support and guidance for individual schools. Our focus on deep collaboration through co-designed staff development and pupil enrichment programmes enables every school to celebrate their own identity, exercise their autonomy to make informed choices that ensure every child’s educational experience is positive, meaningful and memorable. By working through our Local Trust Clusters, making best use of the Learning Hub in every school, we provide and facilitate opportunities that were previously impossible as individual schools.

Our robust school improvement processes and innovative research and development programmes are driven by our Leadership Team alongside key staff in each of the Trust schools. As a Leadership Team, we work alongside the leadership teams and the wider staff in our Trust schools. We have a relentless focus on living by and modeling our core values of 'Children, Choice and Collaboration' to ensure that every child experiences high impact teaching and learning on a daily basis.