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Think Like an Egyptologist

Clevedon Learning Trust pupils take an inspirational trip back through history to do ancient bingo, hieroglyphs and pyramid building.

CHILDREN from Mary Elton Primary School in Clevedon have been enjoying taking a trip back to ancient Egypt by dressing up in period costume, learning of the fascinating history, and even doing Egyptian bingo, hieroglyphs and pyramid building.

Visiting Egyptology in Schools expert Ali Ball provided Year 4 children with the most fantastic Egyptology day and they learned to think like an Egyptologist.

First, they became scribes and got stuck into hieroglyphs and had a go at cracking codes. 

During the Ancient Numeracy session, the children were encouraged to think about their own number system before moving on to look at Egyptian numbers with a game of ancient bingo. 

And they also took part in a pyramid building maths challenge.

Their Mythology and Mummies saw the children introduced to gods, goddesses and a gory tale about the first ever mummy. They found out how the gooey body bits were removed with a mummification ‘mucky dip’, and got creative with clay to make a heart scarab amulet that the Egyptians believed would guarantee that you pass the test to safely enter the afterlife. 

Head Teacher Dean Hudd said: "This Egyptian day was a real wow! and the pupils loved every minute of it. They have learned to think like Egyptologists.”