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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Teacher of the Year Nomination

ONE of Britain's best and most enthusiastic teachers has been backed to be teacher of the year by dozens of her thankful Clevedon School students.

Debbie Morgan has been called unique, heroic and epitomises going the extra mile for students all year round in her role as Director of Drama and Dance at Clevedon School.

She is so brilliant and popular that student numbers and exam results in drama and dance at the school are doing incredibly well year on year.

Debbie has been a teacher for 16 years and at Clevedon School for 7 years after a career in fire-eating, stilt-walking, busking and other street-theatre.

She was inspired to be a teacher after working with children in disadvantaged parts of Nottingham.

One of her students Jasmine Poole, aged 16, said: "She is everything you can ask for as a teacher - fun, bubbly and has time for everyone. I have never seen anyone so dedicated in my life! She never stops!"

Hannah Filer said: "Mrs Morgan is the most dedicated, energetic and creative teacher I have ever met. She is unbelievably supportive with any issue you might approach her with - in school or out - and will always work her absolute hardest to ensure you learn in your own way.

"Her lessons provide an intellectual and creative outlet for me and my classmates, and I don't know where I would be without them!"

Student Kira Hutchings, aged 16, said: "Miss has an infectious and endless supply energy and enthusiasm. She is approachable and always has time for you in her busy schedule. "She goes out of her way to make each individual feel comfortable and inspires self belief."

Head of School Jim Smith said: "Debbie is absolutely unique. She is a teaching phenomenon. You have never met a teacher like her. She is overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. There is no 'off day'. She is just being herself and is inspirational.

"We only take on the very best staff at Clevedon School and we are delighted to have teachers such as Debbie."