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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Hairspray Premier

Tickenham CofE School are holding a special premiere of their £25,000 summer musical Hairspray after a parent spent an incredible 300 hours making it.

Tickenham Church of England Primary School pupils performed the musical to parent and the community in the summer and now are doing a Premiere on Friday the 13th.

One parent filmed the show and did 300 hours of work to produce the DVD which would cost £25000 done professionally. There was also professional lighting and sound.

All money raised will be placed back into the incredible school.

Tickenham Primary School is part of the inspirational Clevedon Learning Trust, and based in a picturesque part of North Somerset.

Head of School Tristan Merriam said: "This performance is the highlight of the year and we are delighted to get a chance to show a Premiere that has been professionally filmed and edited. 

“The parent spent 300 hours producing it which is fantastic. It promises to be a wonderful Premiere."