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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Bonnie the Dog

Lucky Clevedon School students are enjoying their popular and friendly new school dog Bonnie 

Bonnie the Labrador-Golden Retriever Cross is hosted by Student Support to help with the needs of students.

The specially trained dog helps students with building social skills and self-esteem as well as a range of education and emotional needs.

The Dogs Trust helped to train the students to be ready for the dog.

One Year 7 student said: “I like having her in when I am upset. She calms me down and takes my mind off it.” A Year 9 student said: “She is very friendly. It makes me feel happy and calm.”

Hannah Holloway of Student Support said: “Bonnie is so popular. She is a massive help and lifts the mood for students and staff!

“It has been proved that children can benefit educationally and emotionally through contact with a suitable, calm dog and in addition take great enjoyment from interaction with animals. 

“By having a dog within Student Support, we want to encourage those children who have additional needs, are vulnerable, have high anxiety levels or those who are less confident with reading, to care for a dog and to promote their independence, responsibility and soothe anxieties.

“For students that have arrived in a highly anxious state, they are able to sit and stroke Bonnie which helps to calm them down.”