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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Learning Hubs


Each Trust school has its own Learning Hub which develops, delivers and facilitates all professional development (In-Reach). Through their school’s Learning Hub staff can access professional development, coaching opportunities and support for school improvement. Learning Hubs facilitate and encourage staff to develop their practice in schools across the Trust, including cross-phase.

Each Learning Hub collaborates with and supports other Trust schools (Trust-Reach). They also work with organisations outside of the Trust (Out-Reach); such as schools, colleges and learning organisations.

The Learning Hubs operate in-line with four core Trust principles:

Principle 1 - Benefits our students: We ensure that every professional development opportunity builds our professional capital and has a positive impact on the quality of learning experiences for all students in the Clevedon Learning Trust family of schools.

Principle 2 - Nurtures within: We actively nurture innovation and experimentation in thinking and practice throughout the Clevedon Learning Trust.

Principle 3 - Engages beyond: We actively seek out and engage with thinking and practice beyond our immediate community.

Principle 4 - Responsive to change: We are responsive to constant change to deliver consistently high quality learning provision for students and staff in the Clevedon Learning Trust.