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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Innovation Groups

Open to all members of staff, innovation groups provide staff with the chance to collaborate with people from across the school, from different teams and who have different roles, on a selected theme. Each Innovation Group is facilitated by at least two members of staff. 

Innovation Groups meet together for a minimum of three after-school sessions during the year but some groups may meet more frequently for shorter periods of time. It all depends on the focus of the group and the best structure for their work. 

Innovation Groups are focused on making sure collaboration, discussion and sharing are at the heart of the meeting to push thinking and practice forward. 

Participating staff undertake collaborative work, e.g. joint learning walks, lesson observations, informal discussions, student focus groups and so on, and feedback into their regular group meetings. 

There is an iTunesU course designed specifically for staff to keep records of their Innovation Group work so they can share their thinking and practice in any team, whole-staff or appraisal meetings.

Using the CSPD process, staff decide why they want to focus on their selected theme, how they will work and what they will do.