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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Elements Curriculum

One of the advantages of beginning our life as a family of cross-phase schools is the opportunity to develop deep progression routes for children moving from KS2 to KS3.

The Elements Curriculum is our Yr5-8 curriculum, and is characterised by 'deep progression'. It is informed and designed by teachers in our primary and secondary schools. The result of this work is the creation of a coherent pathway for every Year 7 pupil to build on their achievements in primary school as they a seamless transition into secondary school.

Our Elements Curriculum is characterised by Learning Maps for every pupil. Every pupil and their family has access to a visible curriculum from the very first day of Year 7. This means that parents and their children can immediately familiarise themselves with the topics they will learn about in their first year, particularly their first term of secondary school.

The Elements Curriculum is borne out of the collaboration between primary and secondary teachers and TAs who make up the Curriculum Innovation Group. This group works together to share progress pathways, examples of work and pedagogical principles all of which is used to inform the curriculum, teaching and learning expectations for every Year 7 pupil. Through the Elements Curriculum, we are able to interweave pupil leadership of their learning, digital learning and curriculum innovation. For the first day of secondary school, every pupil receives a map of the school, and, with Elements, this is accompanied with a map of their learning in every subject and aspect of school life.