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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Pupil Creative and Cultural Programme

The Creative and Cultural Programme gives every child within the Clevedon Learning Trust access to high quality enrichment activities.  The activities provide exciting, innovative and challenging contexts for children to grow the skills that will help them to flourish in life.

The Creative and Cultural Programme is planned and delivered by Clevedon Learning Trust staff.  This has a number of benefits:  the programme is responsive to the shifting priorities and strategic aims of the schools; the activities are designed to support and extend classroom learning; and the level of challenge is pitched perfectly for the children involved. 


2016&2017 Creative and Cultural Programme Report


Print Making Workshop

Sixth Form Art Ambassadors share the art and craft of print making.

Global Goals Conference

A one day event to introduce pupils to the Global Sustainability Goals.

Day of Code 

Making coding fun and accessible.


3D Printing

Year 5s learn to use this exciting new technology.

Code Clubs

Primary aged children learn to code with Python.

Paper Nations

Published authors and poets inspire the next generation of creative writing.


Puzzle Team Challenge

Super hero themed maths event for Year 2s.

eBook in a Day

Using iPad to create and publish a school pupil perspective prospectus.


Helping CLT pupils to become safer and more confident cyclists.