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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Associate Programmes

Associate programmes provide staff with the opportunity to design and implement their own whole-school Impact Project.

In addition to an Impact Project, the Associate programmes enable staff to get involved in the design and delivery of a variety of elements of their school's CSPD programme, allowing them to collaborate with colleagues from across the school.

Members of the Hub Associate Team work with the other Associates, access 1:1 coaching opportunities and develop new opportunities to work with practitioners from across your school and in other settings.

Alongside this, Associates have opportunities when they arise to participate in Hub Outreach programmes. The Outreach Programmes include our Conference and Immersion Day programmes as well as our School Development Programmes within the Clevedon Learning Trust family of schools and our Hub Partner Schools. As part of this, there are opportunities to meet, co-host and work with colleagues from other schools and organisations, sharing ideas and building expertise in collaboration with them.